Yugi Starter Deck

Yugi Starter Deck


Starter Decks are aimed for new people that wish to start the game. They contain a Rulebook, A deck of 50 cards and comes with a Game mat. Most starter decks are styled after a character in the anime but they are not always like the one in the anime.

TCG Starter Decks Edit

  • Yugi
  • Kaiba
  • Joey
  • Pegasus
  • Yugi Ev
  • Kaiba Ev
  • Starter Deck 2006
  • Jaden
  • Syrus
  • Yugioh 5D's Starter Deck
  • 5D's 2009

OCG Starter Decks Edit

  • Starter Box
  • EX Starter Box
  • EX-R Starter Box
  • Starter Deck 2006 「STARTER DECK」
  • Starter Deck 2007 「スターターデッキ2007」
  • Starter Deck 2007 Special Set 「スターターデッキ2007スペシャルセット」
  • Starter Deck 2008
  • Starter Deck 2009

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